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 Workshop Descriptions:
Grief and Loss: This workshop will examine the impact of loss (any loss) and the grieving process.
Substance use, abuse and recovery: This workshop will define substance abuse, and explore the disease process of addiction. We will also discuss the treatment and recovery process.
Effective caseload management: Have you ever been overwhelmed by large caseloads and little time? This workshop will show you organizational techniques that can improve your time management and quality of service.
Multicultural and Multiracial Diversity:We live in a diverse society of many different ethnic groups and cultures. This workshop will help us to appreciate these differences and learn more about ourselves.
Autistic Spectrum Disorder: Learn about Autism, Aspergers and other aspects of the autism spectrum. We will also provide home and classroom interventions for working with children who are autistic.
Homelessness and the McKinney-Vento act: Homelessness among single women with children is one of our fastest growing populations. These children are usually behind academically with each school move. Find out how all schools are federally mandated to service this population. .3 SB-CEUs
Igniting the Flame in the Learning Environment:
This workshop will explore techniques to engage the learner and the teacher in the learning process. Adventure challenge activities are one of the interactive methods used to provide the participant with a hands on experience. You won't just learn about it, you will actually do it! .5 SB-CEUs
Classroom management: Discover useful classroom management techniques from experienced school social workers.
Incorporating data in your practice: In this data driven society, the human services have a bit of catching up to do.  Learn how to incorporate what you do into useful, evidenced based data.
The Impact of Poverty on Education: How does the socio-economic class of our students impact their learning styles? How does our socio-economic class, background and ideas impact our teaching and interaction with our students.
Anger management and conflict resolution: Our society has been plagued by violent acts, and images in the media. Anger and conflict has become a large part of our culture that needs to be addressed. Find out how to manage anger and conflict effectively, and teach it to your clients.
Understanding protective services and foster care: Who are mandated reporters? What types of incidents should be reported? What happens to children when they go to the  foster care system? These are a few of the many questions that will be answered about the child welfare system.
***Please note that this is only a partial list of the workshops that we offer. Additional workshops and programs are listed on the School based programspage