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First Family Counseling

We offer Individual, Couples and Family counseling by a licensed mental health professional. We provide flexible hours at two conveniently located offices in Bingham Farms, and Conner Creek Health Center in Detroit, Michigan.

 People are seeking mental health services more than ever before. This is a great thing because we believe that taking care of your mental health should be your first priority! Our counselors and consultants are degreed, licensed and certified in their areas of expertise. They average 10 years or more of professional experience. At First Family Counseling we value your privacy, individualism and your trust. We have provided services in our community for over 17 years and we plan to be here to help people become the best person that they can, and want to be. We believe that it is not just about "feeling better". It's about actually getting better.

Services Provided:

  Individual, group or family counseling

Bully prevention workshops

Parenting Classes

Michigan Department of Health and Human Services clinical and outreach counseling

Staff professional development

Psychosocial evaluations

Community workshops

Program evaluation and intervention plans

Parent workshops

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