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School Based Programs and Services

Parent Workshops

First Family Counseling offers a variety of parent workshops that can be conducted during the school day or after school. Parent workshops increase parental involvement in the school, and prepare parents for issues that children may have at school and home. First Family Counseling Consultants are experienced with the adult learner and tailor their presentations to meet the needs of each individual parent group.

Student Groups

First Family Counseling offers therapeutic group facilitation for small groups of students who have common issues and concerns. I.e. Anger management, Children of Divorce, Grief and Loss,Social skills training etc. All group facilitators are Masters level Social Workers, Psychologists and Professional Counselors. They are required to complete a credentialing process prior to working for our agency. They are fully licensed and insured in the state of Michigan, and have been fingerprinted and cleared on the central registry.

Student Workshops

First Family Counseling offers training for students in small group, classroom or school wide settings. Workshops are not therapeutic in nature, although they may have some therapeutic benefit to the students. Workshops are intended to teach new skills, facilitate discussion and independent thinking. Workshop topics include: Leadership skills, Study habits, Time management, Anger management, Communication skills and Conflict resolution to name a few. All student workshops and groups are conducted by credentialed First Family Counseling staff.

Staff Professional Development

We have a variety of staff development topics to present to all levels of school staff; including administrative, classroom and support staff. Since each schools needs are different, we conduct a complimentary consultation to help you assess your schools needs and provide support throughout the school year. Our Consultants are familiar with current trends, cultural competency and best practices within the school environment.

Crisis Intervention

 Call us if you experience a crisis at your school or one that impacts your school population i.e. acts of violence, death (student or staff death), suicide or any situation that you perceive to be an emergency beyond the expertise of your school staff. Our Consultants have coordinated and participated in several school crisis situations at all grade levels. We can dispatch a crisis team to your school to help both staff and students cope with any situation.


Some school situations do not require direct intervention from our agency. Some schools may need someone to help them plan programs, discuss best practices and trends and offer valuable advice. We will assess your needs and send a experienced Consultant that can help you resolve any issue in the school environment.

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