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 Workshop Descriptions:

Bullying Stops Here: We offer three fun, interactive, informative workshops for school staff, students and parents on bully prevention. Find out how to send a consistent school-wide anti-bullying message. These workshops will help change the norms around bullying behavior, so that bullying is less likely to occur.

Parenting the Love and Logic Way® : We facilitate parenting classes using the Love and Logic® parenting materials. Class schedules can be found on our "Upcoming Events" page.

Stress Be Gone:High levels of stress are directly related to physical, mental and emotional dysfunction. Unfortunately, when people are constantly exposed to stressful situations, they do not realize the negative impact that it may have on their lifestyle. This fun, interactive workshop will help participants learn how to identify and decrease stress, and have more fun!

The Impact of Contemporary and Traditional Parenting Styles on Childhood Social Behavior:

Participants will gain a historical and contemporary perspective of parenting skills, and how they impact the social behavior of children. Participants will examine their own experiences, knowledge and beliefs about parenting, and how it may influence their assessment and treatment of childhood behavior. Participants will learn techniques to help parents redirect negative social behaviors in the home, community and school setting.

The Impact of Poverty on Education: How does the socio-economic situation of our students impact their learning environment? How does our socio-economic class, background, and ideas impact our teaching and interaction with our students? Learn about the current theories on education and poverty.

Anger management and conflict resolution:Our society has been plagued by violent acts, and images in the media.Anger and conflict has become a large part of our culture that needs to be addressed. Find out how to manage anger and conflict effectively, and teach it to your clients.

***Please note that this is only a partial list of the workshops that we offer. Additional workshops and programs are listed on the School based programs page

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